The tip toe

“Toe of mouse, injected, x30.” Hardwicke’s Science-Gossip: Monthly Magazine of Interchange and Gossip for Students and Lovers of Nature 25 (No. 242, February 1885), p. 25.


Bill Traylor, Untitled (Rabbit), (1940). Smithsonian American Art Museum.

In memory of Donald Hall

Yesterday, I was moving books around in the glass cabinets, and I took out Seasons at Eagle Pond, flipped through it briefly, and replaced it on a different shelf. Later that afternoon I found out that Donald Hall had died … Continue reading

Through a bomb-sight darkly

As the conference of geographers came to a close, and the attendees began to turn their attention to enjoying the Louisiana weather or checking in for their flights home, Donald Trump shot missiles into Syria. It was an eerie repetition. … Continue reading

Handy symbols

In the five years that I spent in Wisconsin, the ubiquitous symbol of Madison liberals’ resistance to the right-wing takeover of the state was the Wisconsin fist. Something about it always bothered me. I always figured that my dislike for … Continue reading