Circles within circles

From C. A. Doxiadis, “Ekistics,” Ekistics 24 (no. 141, August 1967): 131–34; originally published in Handwörterbuch der Raumforschung und Raumordnung (Hannover, 1966).

Cold as forever

It’s well-documented that time is like a river. But rivers freeze this time of year. Penumbras of ice appear at first around the waterlines of rocks, and the heavy water becomes more and more stubborn, turning each bend with less … Continue reading

When the roads run together

The first time I ever got seriously lost in a car was in high school, coming home from Boston. I knew how I was supposed to get home: Route 2 out to Route 128 north, then Route 3 the rest … Continue reading

The hurricane’s eye and the centeredness of being

A cyclone of wind and rain is hurtling past the Bahamas towards Florida. This convergence of atmospheric fluids has not only a meteorological identity but even a personal name: Hurricane Irma. It therefore has the quality of selfhood, a quality … Continue reading

Walter Christaller’s bloomin’ onions

Last week, Twitter took notice that Outback Steakhouse seemed to be planning to cover the United States in an occult pattern of pentangles: Wtf is Outback Steakhouse planning — balenci-who? aga ☭ (@eatmyaesthetics) July 27, 2017 From Arizona to … Continue reading