Midterm report of the Deck Chair Rearranging Committee

Since I am by my own admission a man more of veneers and superficiality than of action and output, my various attempts at self-publishing through the years have been troubled by an inability to satisfy myself with the design and presentation of the things. This particular enterprise has been no different. Needless to say, my priorities here are hardly in order—like a painter who drives himself to madness over whether his canvas is hanging level on the wall before having put anything on it. After finally casting aside the world of prebuilt WordPress templates, however, I think I am nearing a sense of, if not satisfaction, at least resigned exhaustion with my stylistic fiddlings. So, after my first false start and the subsequent two months of ‘time off’ to which I felt entitled in its wake, I am again at the starting line, again finding that I’ve put my uniform on backwards and haven’t got enough time to fix the error before the gun is fired. With luck, nobody will notice.