Trendwatch confirmed

I would like to direct visitors who thought that my augury about hipster miners was mere wild-eyed speculation to ‘Rox in the Box’, the fourth track off of the new Decemberists album, The King is Dead:

Get the rocks in the box
Get the water right down to your socks
This bulkhead’s built of fallen brethren bones

We all do what we can
We endure our fellow man
And we sing our songs to the headframe’s creaks and moans

And it’s one two three
On the wrong side of the lee
What were you meant for?
What were you meant for?
And it’s seven eight nine
You get your shuffle back in line

I’m glad to know that the Decemberists, who have successfully en-hipped such things as geishas and chimneysweeps, are on board with the project.