Through a bomb-sight darkly

As the conference of geographers came to a close, and the attendees began to turn their attention to enjoying the Louisiana weather or checking in for their flights home, Donald Trump shot missiles into Syria. It was an eerie repetition. … Continue reading

Handy symbols

In the five years that I spent in Wisconsin, the ubiquitous symbol of Madison liberals’ resistance to the right-wing takeover of the state was the Wisconsin fist. Something about it always bothered me. I always figured that my dislike for … Continue reading

The community that commutes together votes together

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court handed down a new map yesterday for the state’s US congressional districts in the League of Women Voters v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania case. Having found that the 2011 districting plan “was a partisan gerrymander and that … Continue reading

Ditto towns

New England is a beautiful place, but its place-names aren’t the most lyrical, with an awful lot of toponymic stealing from Old England. What’s more, New England place-names aren’t even uniquely plagiarized: 655 towns and cities in New England have … Continue reading

Piles upon piles

The snowfall accumulation GIF I posted on Saturday got a decent amount of attention. (Probably more attention than any other 1-hour time-killing project that I’ve ever done!) Matt Strimas-Mackey converted it into a colorized version using R, which looks great. … Continue reading