Wandering in a big or a little country

I do not know where I am going but I am on my way and then suddenly well not perhaps suddenly but perhaps yes I do know where I am going and I do not like it like that. Because … Continue reading

City and citizens, know thyself

“Without testament,” observed Hannah Arendt, “without tradition—which selects and names, which hands down and preserves, which indicates where the treasures are and what their worth is—there seems to be no willed continuity in time and hence, humanly speaking, neither past … Continue reading

Making the municipality

Another general principle of grouping is that of propinquity and contiguity. The essence of social life is coöperation. People can only exchange services, work together, and rely on supplementing each other as regards task and ability, when they are within … Continue reading

“The mountain is the religion of the landscape”

Our own hills of Westmoreland and Cumberland were most frequently my place of refuge. No scenes have given me more lasting pleasure. The mountains, it is said, are not lofty enough for sublimity. But as the light and cloud play … Continue reading

Landscape, areaship, regionship

I define landscape as the state of being, or the reality, of area or region. I could call it “areaship,” or “regionship,” with which incidentally, both landscape and Landschaft are related etymologically. It is the quality or character of the … Continue reading