Last fall, I wrote about an experiment in algorithmic partitioning using data from commuting patterns. It was a really interesting way to think about “natural” communities emerging from the stitchwork of human geography, and it suggested some interesting ways for … Continue reading

At the center of it all

One way of thinking about whether or not a territory “makes sense” is to consider how evenly and symmetrically its population is distributed within its borders. A theoretically ideal territory, in this sense, would have a dense node of population … Continue reading

Keeping it together

Today is my birthday, so I decided to take a day off from my usual work—writing a dissertation about the production of “unit landscapes” in American history—and instead work on a side project that tries to examine the same basic … Continue reading

At a crossroads

A sketch study for an ideal road intersection, with car traffic brought below grade to allow for an at-grade bike roundabout with a small recreational square.

Where the wealth is in Madison

This interesting cartogram of the total residential property value for every county in the United States, created by Max Galka, has been making its way around the web lately: It offers a visually striking striking demonstration of what should be … Continue reading