Dancing grain

Kalleza e Grurit [=Ears of wheat] (1976), Dir. Bujar Kapexhiu, Ill. Riza Oparaku. Available online at Arkivi Qëndror Shtetëror i Filmit

“Not one of the worst in the city, but merely typical”

“Model of Block on Lower East Side from the Tenement House Exhibition of 1900,” in The Charity Organization Society of the City of New York Eighteenth Annual Report (1900), pg. 40. Available at Columbia University Community Service Photographs.

“The paradise of bicyclers”

Advertisement for Pope Manufacturing Company, in Sylvester Baxter, Greater Boston: A study for a federalized metropolis comprising the City of Boston and surrounding cities and towns (Boston: A. J. Philpott & Co., 1891), back cover.


Mahala Warren, U.S. Patent #USD82863S, “Design for a valentine envelope.”


A selection of infographics from a 1934 issue of Survey Graphic shows just how long we’ve been at this: From Michael M. Davis, “Change Comes to the Doctor,” Survey Graphic XXIII (no. 4, April 1934).