Where the wealth is in Madison

This interesting cartogram of the total residential property value for every county in the United States, created by Max Galka, has been making its way around the web lately: It offers a visually striking striking demonstration of what should be … Continue reading


The State Journal notes this morning that Madison is planning to update its official logo. Featuring a bold (and somewhat fascist-looking) rendition of the Capitol that you might recognize from manhole covers, it, well, kind of stinks. The current city … Continue reading

Madison unbent

When James Doty platted in 1836 the city that would become Madison, he benefitted from a happy coincidence of human and natural land-shaping. The human landscape of the trans-Mississippi region had been, first in the minds of its coastal administrators … Continue reading

Nëntoka, një ëndërr

When Paris built the Chemin de Fer Métropolitaine at the turn of the last century, the city’s inhabitants quickly truncated the name of the system to Métro, thereby consolidating the semantic conjunction between “any urban railway system or network, esp. … Continue reading

Setting sail

This story continues a-pace, in a world where the prefix “a-” indicates “excruciatingly slowly.” It’s still better than 1850, when online comics had to be etched onto metal or bone or cotton candy or however they did it back then, … Continue reading